Uses of rotogravure printing machine

Rotogravure Printing MachineNowadays rotogravure printing machine uses a printing cylindrical tube that can be laser engraved with minute cells capable of retaining printer ink, the size and design of which reflect the required image. These cells are forced to copy their ink directly upon the substrate by a grouping of pressure and capillary action, so producing the printed image.  The procedure, also called gravure printing is employed in the making of various packaging as well as labels, wall coverings and has a variety of further applications.

Rotogravure Printing Machine [High Speed]

Rotogravure Printing Machine [High Speed]



  • Type of Machine :: Rotogravure Printing Machine With Five drive System
  • Number of Printing Stations :: Two to ten Colours
  • Web Width :: 400 mm to 1400 mm (Maximum)
  • Print Width :: 400 mm to 1300 mm
  • Printing Repeat :: 320 mm – 850 mm
  • Printing Possibilities :: 1 to 10 Colours ( Variable as per number of colour of Machine)
  • Printing Speed :: 140 – 160 mts./min. (Maximum)
  • Power Requirement :: Variable as per the Machine Size
  • Supply Voltage :: 415 V, #Phase, 50 cycles / sec, 4 wire
  • Floor Space – Length -Width -Height :: Variable as per the Machine Size & Number of Color Stations.
  • Material to be Printed :: FOIL, PAPER, FILM & LAMINATES


  • FOIL
  • FILM