Plastic Shopping Bag Making Machine

Plastic Shopping Bag Making MachinePlastic bags are popular medium used for carrying and packaging various materials or products in many industries and regular life.  The plastic shopping bag making machine is machine which makes plastic bags from non-woven fabric.  This machine manufactures all types of plastic shopping bags such as zip bags, d cutting bags, bottom seal bags, side seal bags in various sizes and shapes.

Uses of rotogravure printing machine

Rotogravure Printing MachineNowadays rotogravure printing machine uses a printing cylindrical tube that can be laser engraved with minute cells capable of retaining printer ink, the size and design of which reflect the required image. These cells are forced to copy their ink directly upon the substrate by a grouping of pressure and capillary action, so producing the printed image.  The procedure, also called gravure printing is employed in the making of various packaging as well as labels, wall coverings and has a variety of further applications.

Rotogravure Printing Process

Rotogravure Printing ProcessRotogravure printing is the evergreen printing process is member of an intaglio printing. It is direct transfer method used for high quality, long term printing that creating a sharp, appropriate image on polyester, Papers, high and low density polypropylene, plastic & aluminum foil and Bopp.

Rotogravure Printing Machine is highly recommended in web processing industries includes textile, paper and plastic.

The main performs in a rotogravure printing are:

  • Image preparation
  • Cylinder preparation
  • Printing
  • Finishing

What is Rotogravure?

Rotogravure is very popular printing method that used to engrave the image onto an image substrate. Rotogravure printing machine is equipment which has rotary press with intaglio cylinders. Rotogravure Printing MachineIt work based on rotogravure printing technology. It is operating at high speed and castoff for extensive print in commercial printing of newspapers, magazines, packaging bags etc.

Rotogravure Printing Machine

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Rotogravure Printing Machine



  • Type of Machine :: Rotogravure Printing Machine
  • Number of Printing Stations :: One to Ten Colours
  • Web Width :: 400 mm to 1250 mm
  • Print Width :: 400 mm to 1200 mm
  • Printing Repeat :: 300 mm to 750 mm
  • Printing Possibilities :: 1 to 10 Colours (Variable as per number of colour of Machine)
  • Printing Speed : 90 – 110 mts. / min. Maximum
  • Power Requirement :: Variable as per the Machine Size
  • Supply Voltage :: 415 V, # Phase, 50 cycles / sec, 4 wire
  • Floor Space-Length- Width & Height :: Variable as per the Machine Size & Number of Colour Stations.


  • FOIL
  • FILM


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