Drum Type Slitter Rewinder Machine

Drum Type Slitter Rewinder Machine :: Slitter Rewinder Machine :: Slitter Machine

We offer an extensive range of Slitter Rewinder machine that can be used for cut roll to roll on high grade raw materials. These machines are designed as per industry requirements and are knowing for their smooth functioning and high performance levels.

Features :

  • Side Frame Construction of Ribbed Anti Vibration C.I Body.
  • Slitting Method Razor Blades or by Rotary Knives
  • Rewinding Dia 1000 mm Max. On 76 mm Core I.D.
  • Rewind – Central Drum Or Duplex Type.
  • Dynamically balances drive rollers.
  • Trim Separation by Air Blower of 1.0 hp AC Motor.
  • Line Speed up to 100 – 200 meter /min. Depending on the thickness of the materials & operating conditions.
  • Customized Roll Handling System For Enhanced production & Ergonomic Safety
  • AC/DC Drive system